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Welcome to my Website

Welcome to "fallenangel.dk".
My name is Jesper, and I am the owner of this domain/website and all it's services and features.

I live in "Svendborg" in Southern Denmark, and was born sometime in the 20th Century.
And I earn my living by working in the construction business.

My spare time, is wasted in front of my Computers and on the Internet, it's my hobby. I am a skilled web-developer, but I am far from being an expert, even that some people thinks that I am a guru. However, I am using a text editor and everything is typed by hand, every single syntax is stored in my hippocampus. (Its's my brain (for those of you who are too lazy to look it up)) :-)

There isn't the thing I don't know about Microsoft Windows, even that I haven't used it in many years. Yes I have been using Linux for almost a decade now, you can easilly say that I am on the dark side. I do also play a few games now and then when I have some time that I need to kill.
My all time favorite is the classic 1998 game "Jagged Alliance 2" and my top 5 greatest ever games are:

  1. Jagged Alliance 2
  2. Enigma: Rising Tide
  3. The Saboteur
  4. OpenTTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe)
  5. Sid Meier's Pirates

Have you tried any of them?

Enough for now, you can read more about me in my bio.

You probably wonder what you can find here on this website.
Besides the bio you just read, you can find a small collection of desktop wallpapers which you are free to download and use, I found them on the Internet over the years, beware that some of them may be subject to copyright, and that I can not be held resposible for your actions if you download such copyrighted materiel, personally I dont care if people or companies claims copyright on what they publish on the Internet, they should know better than that, also I think that I should inform you in that there aren't any explicit adult orintated images, you can go to Google if you are looking for those kinds of wallpapers.

You can also find my complete collection of Avatars, which you may also download and use as were they your own. :-)
Being the lazy yet pretty smart guy that I am, I came up with an idea for a shell script that changes my avatar randomly every 120th minute, on forums etc that allows offsite/remote avatars. Pretty neat, and many thanks to my Wisconsin buddy for assisting in the creation of the script

I used to have a blog, on Windows Live Space, I was using that cause I already have a Live account for my MSN (Live Messenger or in my case the opensource Pidgin); But Microsoft decided to move it to Wordpress, or rather they made a deal with them, and deleted my blog, instead of merging it into Wordpress. I have no intention of restoring it, instead I just leave it be, it's not like I were actively updating it.

There are some news fed directly to this site via RSS which are converted to HTML with the RSS2HTML script CaRP.
I may add more and more feeds, if I feel like it. You can check out the latest news at any time.

For the Danish audience: With courtesy of Danmarks Radio you can find a TV Guide, containing the most popular TV channels,and Teletext, which works the exact same way as on your TV, but it is lightyears faster. The links in this paragraph are of no use to you, if you aren't able to read my native (the Danish) language.

For several years my comprehensive guide to secure WindowsXP, has been floating around on many of my websites. It is finally here, and only here. If you see it on any other website, it is likely a stolen copy :-)
You can also read my complete tutorial/guide to set up GuildFTPd and miRC.
In the past I wrote a Command Control Set for FlashFXP, which allows users/admins of the FTP server to administrate the server remotely from the FTP client. I have no idea if it still works, but feel free to try it :-)

Are you tired of visiting websites with pages that doesn't render properly, objects that doesn't show, buttons that doesn't work, in short: Are you tired of broken websites? I am, especially when it comes to big fat companies that makes billions of money every day. They should be able to afford a decent web developer that knows how stuff is made, instead of hiring some greenhorn, who can't even put his own pants on. To all of you wannabe webmasters out there, I have one word for you. RFC! Read it, Live it, Follow it!

I have put together a page with some tips and examples, so you can create proper html within your own website documents. Strangely I feel obligated to push you to write your HTML accordingly to the W3 standards, and not just in an IE compatible format, remember you didn't write the page for your self for, but for the public to see.
All my websites are valid HTML/xHTML/CSS.

Today, Monday the 16th – 2011, I've added my list of Rhetorical Questions to this website, this is the last time I post new content to the front page, in the future I will only update the menu with links to the new content.

For testing purposes I will some day run a Flash based MP3 player and my Webcam on this site. I just have to find time to get it done. The MP3 player will likely play on all the pages, and the cam will be placed on my bio page.

Some general information about this site:

  • There are no navigation buttons, I am assuming that you know how to use your browsers back and forward buttons.
  • The content of this website is rated 'E' (For Everyone).
  • There are no cookies written to your Computer and no information about you or your system is harvested.
  • Usage of Flash and Javascripts are kept to a minimum.
  • This website is 99% functional without Javascripts enabled in your browser
  • There are no ads! nor popups!
  • Nothing on this website can or will harm your Computer.