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About me:

I won't be writing a lot of confidential stuff about my self, Google is not a friend of mine and he (or is he a she?) should not know everything about me.
We are all entitled to have our own privacy policy :-)
If you wish to get to know me, or wants to ask me about something, then drop me a line by using one of the many ways that you can contact me.

As stated on the front page, I was born in the 20th Century, and my current hometown is Svendborg on the Island Fyn, in Denmark; Denmark is located in Scandinavia, which again is located in Northern Europe. The timezone here is CET/GMT+1 (apply +1 for DST in the summer period).

I am 6'2" tall (186cm), my eyes are mixed of 3 colors, blue, green and grey, mostly blue. My hair is short and dark blond. My physical condition has been stolen, and I am a smoker, till I eventually quit that nasty habit. I am extremly intelligent and handsome as well :-) – As my motto: Tall, blond and good looking.

I have an education as a Civil Skilled Engineering Worker, and I work in the construction business, which I have been doing since I was 17 years old. I am proud to say that I am darn good at it too, hire me and you won't regret :P

My parents passed away almost 2 decades ago, and I miss them both a lot, RiP mom and dad.
I have 2 kids, one of each kind, my son was born in 1997 and my daughter was born in 2001.

As some of you may know, I have been around on the Internet for ages, got hooked on BBS back in 1991/92 or was it 1993, I really have forgotten, 2 decades has passed, don't expect me to remember everything. So as you can figure – I have years of experience with Computers, Hardware, Software, Networking, et al. Got my first Computer when I was.. Uhhmm "young" it was a Commodore. Since then I have among other Computers had an Amiga 500, an Amiga 2000, several AT'ers and XT286/386/486'ers, once I had a Cyric 133 that were clocked to almost 200mhz, and I have owned a ton of Intel Pentiums. Now a days I run AMD dual/quad core systems.

My years of experinece with Computers has made me an Expert in Microsoft Windows, and most other software that I use or have used in the past. (No I am not fishing for a job, it's my hobby and stays that way till the lid is nailed to my coffin!). I can write in the following languages (Besides Danish and English): HTML/xHTML, ASP, PHP, Java, Javascripts, mIRCscripts, Shell/Bash, and TCL. For years I did any and all support for the FTPdaemon GuildFTPd, I am still in contact with the Author, but he has no time to work on the 1.0 version so I have dropped the support, and I do only pay a visit to the support forums on occasion. If you are looking for my Guide to GuildFTPd and mIRC it can be found here. I have also done support for software like FlashFXP, QuickPAR and Enigma: Rising Tide.

These days I only mess with Linux, I maintain some servers abroad as well as my own here at home, however Windows is still a part of my daily life as friends still contacts me when they need help with Windows.

OK, I think that is all for now, if you want to know more, ask me. I don't bite! :-)

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